The profession of a writer seems to be unusual and interesting. It seems that writers are the members of higher society, but in fact, any person can write and publish a book today. Moreover, it is not required even to publish a book - you can create an electronic version and sell via the Internet.

Writers are different: some write fiction, others write business books and others write technical books. Choose the sphere that is closer to you and in which you are an expert. This will be your field for creativity.

In this article we will tell you how to become a writer and start a creative career. The essence of the writer’s profession is to create interesting, market-demanded books. The bigger is the circulation of your works - the more money you get. You become more famous and more publishers want to work with you.

Main customers for any author are the publishers. The contract with the big publishing house is the key to success. Books can be sold directly to readers via the Internet, for example, on the website.

The basic skills that a writer requires:

  • Deep knowledge of the subject, both theory and practice;
  • The ability to express ideas and thoughts in interesting and understandable way;
  • The ability to find interesting topics for books that can attract a lot of people.


Desirable knowledge, skills, abilities:

  • Easy and simple style;
  • Literate language.

Writers’ fees:

On average, publishers pay 10% of the wholesale value of the specimen. Usually retail makes a mark-up of 100% on books. Thus roughly the author gets about 5% of the cost of the book on the shelf. Beginning writers can count on the release of the book with a circulation of 2000-4000 copies. You can sell books directly through the Internet, setting the price yourself. You can offer readers to purchase an e-book for 100 dollars. And sell 1000 copies - your income in this case will be 100 thousand rubles. If you become a popular writer and can sell 100-200 thousand copies of your works you can get a serious profit.


How to become a writer:

There are two ways. The first is to come up with an idea for a new book and offer it to publishers. If it is interesting for them, then they will make a contract with you and take up most of the trouble in producing and distributing the book. You will have to write a brilliant text. The manuscript can be sent through the websites of publishers. Choose large and reputable companies to send an application.

The second way to become a writer is to write a book and try to sell it yourself on the Internet. In this case, you will need e-commerce skills. In the second case, the income can be much higher than in the first. Minus of the the second approach is that you have to invest your own money in the creation of the book as a product and its promotion. Moreover, you need to apply for services of proofreading and editing at organisations like How To Start a Reaction Paper to be sure that your manuscript is of a decent quality.